this some high tech shit dawg..

Whether your Jedi or Sith, Bounty Hunter or Dab Slayer, we got your back...  Rxnemo and myself, have teamed up to arming you with the galaxies finest Dabsabers, Blasters, Collectibles and Loot. We offer everything from one of a kind, fine tuned pieces, built to your specifications, to the rare and anomalous artifacts we've found in deep, deep space…  Sabers starting at 150 for simple brass fixed blades, and 350-500+ for multi-part silver pieces... serious inquiries only.

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Modular Magnetics

All of our higher end sabers feature magnetic and modular designs. This allows the end user to swap parts, grips, and blades on the go.


Jewelry quality Sabers

All of our sabers are cast in a precious metal, such as gold, silver, brass, or copper. Our sabers feature high quality Boroscilicate glass, and are set with real, top quality gems and crystals.