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Who am i?

Thats far too big of a question to answer here! But what I can tell you is that Im a Cali native, Greek/Scott/Irish blood. Ive always been a fan of the insights offered by a good conversation, the more esoteric, the better. Ive also been a constant fan of the realms accessible through the imagination as represented in film/media/my own minds eye, be they set deep in space, or far back in mythical and magikal settings.  Ive allways been very much a fan of weapons as well! They are like anything else, dangerous if used improperly, but useful and beautiful when treated with respect. 

In 2011 I graduated from Otis College of Art and design, with a BFA in Toy Design. I then spent 3 years working for a major toy company, spending weeks at a time in china, and actually seeing products through from soup to nuts.  However, as a consciously awakening creator/artist, i eventually saw the need to follow my true path of art, without a company directing my energies. So, in 2014 I stepped out and started my own jewelry/toy/art career.

I now live and work in Los Angeles, with my wife and our baby cat Nikkita!