Hello! My name is Adam Roe, and I am the main brain behind "Trappings of Power" a small jewelry company based in Los Angeles CA.  Formally trained as a Toy Designer at Otis College of Art and Design, I spent three years in the Toy industry, learning about production, traveling to asia, and finding where my passion truly lay. Ultimately I felt the calling to leave the toy industry in favor of a trade more in line with my passion, and more integrated with my life.

Since leaving the corporate world in march 2014, life has been a blessing, and work has been a joy. Over the past year I have been designing a number of product, lines, some of which are still not ready to be seen. (Ive saved the best for last!)  After a year of work, I finally launched my first collection of pieces at Lightning in a Bottle festival may 24th 2015. The collection is centered around the simple yet geometrically elegant "wishbone" we are all fondly familiar with. As the collection evolved, something new was created, the "Wishcatcher" a marriage of a wishbone and a dreamcatcher.

Thank you for stopping by the site, and keep checking back in for more new designs!